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About company

Kiev company "ADIOZ" was established in 1991 and specializes in designing and manufacturing of original chemical products - ANAMEGATORs, which enable to receive hydrocarbonaceous fuels and oils modifications. Also their properties not only exceed combustive-lubricating materials of the well-known companies, but improve their ecological states.

Reduction of exhaust opacity and fuel,s uncomplete combustion toxic products content in exhaust brings to adverse ejections decrease (СО, NОх, СН, NH) and to decrement of an ecological load.

Fuels and oils improvement related with a selection of small-section compositions in such trends as:
- fuels and oils corrosion activity combating;
- theirs antiwear and antifriction properties enhancement;
- antifoaming, antismoky, exhaust toxicity decreasing components.

Each of the problems, taken separately and solvable to a certain degree, issues new challenges - compatibility of dopes, which are embed in oils and fuels. Superior patterns of the fuel and oil are created as a result of painstaking compositions matching, not to mention complexity of qualitative basic material,s receiving.

Scientists and specialists, who have created ANAMEGATORs, succeeded in receiving high-quality fuels and oils without changing theirs molecular structure. Usage of fuels ANAMEGATORs optimizes completeness and timeliness of the fuel,s combustion thermodynamics; reduces content of combinations (СО, NOx, CxHy and other), which are detrimental to man, in exhaust; increases engine power and take place fuel system,s overall cleanout. Fuels ANAMEGATORs use heightens power due to enlargement and leveling of the compression throughout cylinders, contributes to accretion and exact backfitting of friction surfaces; ensures reduction of the thermal, mechanical and chemical oil loads on oil; eliminates dry friction during the launching, pitting formation and "hydrogenous fatigue" of metal, at the same time bringing down friction pairs wear rate; guarantees lacquers and varnishes washing and subsequent reduction of its formation.

These substances proved to be unique, that confirmed by international patents, know-how on fuel,s ANAMEGATORs - "ADIZOL" and oil,s ANAMEGATORs - "OZEROL".

To date our enterprise realizes production of the following names:

Established fact of products quality is what ANAMEGATORs have passed multiple tests not only in producer enterprise, but also among of scientific and industrial organizations, among which are all railways of Ukraine, ore mining and processing enterprises, a variety of autoparks, ship companies of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and other states.